Presentations from conference in Berlin 2012-12-05
Presentations and some pictures from the Know-Man final conference in Berlin are available online here

Know-Man at the capitalization workshop in Brussels 2012-11-23
Know-Man partners from IRS and EUROREG, University of Warsaw took part in a capitalization workshop on innovation systems held on 13 November 2012 in Brussels. Please read the press release.

Press release after meeting in Berlin 2012-11-22
We are happy to present you a press release based on the study visit in H-Farm - a Technology Incubator Amid Cornfield. Read the press release.

Knowledge Network Management Toolbox 2012-10-23
Knowledge Network Management Toolbox is available for download. Enjoy your reading!

Know-Man on the Polish Innovation Portal 2012-09-12

Polish Innovation Portal recently published an article about Know-Man project. The article is available in Polish here.

Press release after meeting in Venice 2010-08-20
We are happy to present you a press release based on the study visit in H-Farm - a Technology Incubator Amid Cornfield. Read the press release.

2nd Know-Man International Newsletter 2012-08-03
New Know-Man International Newsletter is available for download. Enjoy your reading!

Know-Man at the IMDA Congress 2012-07-15
Adam Ploszaj from Centre for European Regional and Local Studies EUROREG, University of Warsaw, presented some of the Know-Man project’s results at the 21st World Business Congress of the International Management Development Association ( Congress took place on 4-8 July 2012 at HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki.

KNOW-MAN in Venice 2012-06-24
Another KNOW-MAN project meeting will take place in Venice on 26-29 June 2012. The meeting’s main purpose is to summarize the experience from, and the results of, actions implemented by the project partners in six European regions. Recapitulated will be the comparative studies of science and technology parks and so-called regional round tables supporting inclusion of a broader range of stakeholders into the discussion on the project results. Moreover, the partners will share their experiences and results from expert tandems work. Summed up will be efficiency of this tool, aimed at simplifying the process of interregional carrying over of knowledge transfer’s support instruments.
An important part of the meeting will consist of study visits to three institutions supporting creation and transfer of knowledge. The first one will be to La Fornace dell’Innovazione foundation, dealing with strengthening of innovativeness of local companies with the aim of allowing them to operate in global knowledge-based economy. Subsequently, the project partners will visit VEGA Venice Science and Technology Park, concentrating on innovative companies, including those from the nanotechnology, ICT, and green economy sector. The last visited place will be one of four H-Farm business incubators located in various parts of the world and supporting innovative Internet start-ups.
The meeting will also pertain to the strategy of disseminating KNOW-MAN project results and ensuring their durability. Subject to discussion will be preparations to the international conference in Berlin (25-26 October 2012) concluding the project, as well as progress of works on materials disseminating the results in partner regions and in the European forum.

Know-Man has a chance for the 2013 RegioStars Awards 2012-05-24
We are happy to announce that Know-Man project has been suggested for the Regio Stars Awards 2013 by INTERREG IVC Managing Authority. Know-Man will compete for the award to be internationally recognised as innovative project in the category SMART GROWTH: Connecting universities to regional growth. Read more.

From Idea to Start-up in Koroška region 2012-05-09
Slovenian Know-Man partners are implementing one of good practices identified by Know-Man project. The good practice "From ideas to Reality" comes from Berlin. It was adjusted to the regional needs what is reflected in the name of the study course aswell: "Od ideje do start-up" - "From Idea to Start-up". The study course targeting at students of Koroška region is formed as a series of 6 workshops from the end of April until beginning of June 2012. Activites can be followed on the open Facebook page:!/knowmannn.

Project meeting in Seville on 8-10 February 2012-02-05
It is our pleasure to inform you that the INTERREG IVC project KNOW-MAN dedicated to knowledge network management in technology parks has just started its third and final year of implementation. The imminent project meeting organised in Spanish Seville on 8-10 February 2012 is an opportunity to recapitulate the achievements of the project so far as well as to set up the detailed agenda for the forthcoming activities in the final year of the project.
The primary objective of the meeting is to share knowledge on the activities which have been undertaken so far in all six partner regions. A special emphasis will be put on creating mechanisms which support the project’s results in the regions after its completion. Therefore the discussion will focus on the results and perspectives regarding “regional round tables” organised in each partner region to communicate and discuss the project results and products such as the regional knowledge atlases – special tools for visualisation of regional innovativeness. Furthermore the partners will report from their expert tandems - a tool in which a minimum of two partners work on the transfer of instrument or policy from one region to another.
An important part of the meeting are the study visits in the AEROPOLIS Aviation Technology Park of Andalusia as well as Technology Park Cartuja and Marie Curie Incubator organized for the project partners.
The meeting will also concern the dissemination strategy of the KNOW-MAN project results in the partner regions and in the wider European forum. In particular the final project publications as well as the agenda for the international project conference organized in Berlin on October 2012 are going to be agreed.

Know-Man at the IASP Conference 2011-11-20
The Department of Geography of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin presented some of the Know-Man project’s results at the international conference “Measuring & improving the Performance of Science Parks” of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) that took place on 10-11 November 2011 at the science park Berlin-Adlershof. The conference was dedicated to the detection and transfer of good practices that define science parks’ performances, among others.

INTERREG IVC in Berlin and Brandenburg 2011-11-15
On October, 28th 2011 the event “Learning from European partners – experiences with INTERREG IVC in Berlin and Brandenburg“ took place in Potsdam. The event was organised by the Senate Department for Economy, Technology and Women’s Issues and the Brandenburg Ministry for Economics and European Affairs in cooperation with the Leibniz-Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning.
As the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg does have a high share of lead partnerships within the INTERREG IVC programme, the organisers used the chance to discuss benefits and challenges of these interregional networks for the region. Adding her scientific expertise, Prof. Elisabeth Fromhold-Eisebith from the Technical University in Aachen highlighted the potentials of having “European pipelines” for regional development.
Erwin Siweris, the deputy programme director of the JTS in Lille, and Thorsten Kohlisch from the Information Point East provided first insights into the design and structure of INTERREG C after 2013. On the programme level, a stronger inclusion of governance structures is under discussion. For the individual projects an implementation plan will be an important part of the application in the future, furthermore there are ideas for a stronger inclusion of regional authorities (for example through support letters).
A panel of all five lead partners within the region – Know-Man was represented by Suntje Schmidt – discussed challenges and opportunities of European project work. A common denominator was that INTERREG projects lead to the establishment of innovative networks within and between the regions. Nevertheless also the challenges of project and financial management were a topic – one of the discussions was focused on how to measure learning through indicators.

Knoweldge Atlases  2011-09-21
Each region within the Know-Man partnership develops a Knoweldge Atlas. Just like a geographical atlas provides orientation to a foreign country or city, the Know-Man Knowledge Atlas helps start-ups and small and medium-sized companies in exploring their business environment. For the project, the added-value of the atlas' methodology is its high adaptability to each region's sphecifics while still ensuring comparability of the results. For download & enjoy click here.

Know-Man conference 2011-06-01
The Know-Man project will present its results at an international conference in July 2011. The conference will not only present tools for regional network management (e.g. Knowledge Atlases, Demand Analyses and Benchmarking), but it will also further highlight policy implications that address the demands for closer academic-economic-public cooperation. There is no workshop fee for participants, but we do ask that you register on our webpage at After the registration, we will send you regular updates and the outline of the conference proceedings. Check out the details at

Know-Man at the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin 2011-05-35
On May 28, 2011, the Department of Geography of the Humboldt-Universität Berlin is presenting the Know-Man project during the Long Night of Sciences. This major event dedicated to the public will be the 11th Long Night of Sciences. It takes place at different locations in Berlin and Potsdam. Numerous research and university institutions as well as several high-technology companies are going to participate again this year. Read more here and here.

Know-Man International Newsletter 1 2011-03-17
New Know-Man International Newsletter is available for download. Enjoy your reading!

Know-Man in the IP North brochure 2011-03-14
Among many other projects, Know-Man is presented in the brochure prepared by INTERREG IVC Information Point North. You can download the brochure here. You will find Know-Man project presented on page 17.

Know-Man in Wroclaw 2011-03-03
Modern economy is based on knowledge. The ability to utilize it is the precondition for success, also in the public area. A solution to this challenge is offered by KNOW-MAN Project, funded under Interreg IVC, and supposed to strengthen the development of its participating regions by stimulating cooperation of the R&D; sector, business, and regional administration. KNOW-MAN focuses on intensifying links between the science and business, and consequently as its centre of interest has the activity of technology parks in Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, and Poland.

The last meeting opening the second year of the project’s activity took place in Wrocław on 9-11 February. A study visit to the Wrocław Technology Park (WTP) allowed the partners from other European regions to look at the good practices used there. Presented were also the institutions functioning in the park: the NUTRIBIOMED cluster, a business incubator, and innovative companies from biotechnology, materials technology, and IT sectors. Among the interesting solutions the most popular one was the “Technoludek” educational centre, benefiting from remarkable concentration of knowledge in WTP and using it for teaching interactive science classes to kids. Pre-school children from the whole region visiting “Technoludek” can learn, for example: how the electricity works, why do birds need their feathers, and how to conduct their own chemical experiment.

Based on the portfolio of good practices prepared jointly by all the partners Development Tandems, i.e. interregional teams preoccupied with implementation of selected solutions in their regions, were created in Wrocław. For example, representatives of the Wrocław Park will assist in transfer of “Technoludek’s” concept to Berlin, while the idea of the “Long Night of Science” – an event popularizing science among the youth and the adults in Berlin – will be implemented in Lower Silesia in return. In order to stimulate the process of learning a benchmark questionnaire is being prepared for technology parks, in order to be used in subsequent stages of the project implementation.

The knowledge gathered in the project implementation as well as the solutions will be presented at an international conference „Good Practices in Regional Knowledge Network Management and the need for Action”, organized in Ljubljana on 6 July 2011. The conference presentation will also include the results of the project, i.e. a leaflet describing over 40 good practices strengthening links between the science and business, as well as regional knowledge atlases, constituting a kind of ‘operating manuals’ facilitating activity of innovative businesses. An important objective for the organizers pertains to creation of mechanisms supporting the project’s results in the regions after its completion.

Know-Man Good Practices 2011-02-25
Know-Man good-practices are available for download. Enjoy your reading!

Know-Man in WPT 2011-02-21
We are happy to present you a movie recorded in Wroclaw Technology Park. See the movie.

Know-Man at the Conference in Warsaw 2010-12-10
The aims and preliminary results as well as foreseen steps of the KNOW-MAN project have been presented by Agnieszka Olechnicka and Adam Ploszaj from EUROREG during the National ESPON Event in Warsaw, Poland. The conference: Evidence-based territorial development. What do ESPON, INTERREG IVC and URBACT results say about Poland? was organised by the Polish ESPON Contact Point in cooperation with the INTERREG IVC and URBAC national contact points and took place on 7th December 2010 in Warsaw at the University of Warsaw Library. The conference with the number of participants of 150 was held in Polish.

Scientists, researchers, social activists and policymakers are often functioning in different contexts, separated by knowledge frontiers and barriers of information flow. Decision makers need reliable evidence to construct the toolbox for shaping and implementing functional and territorial policies. Every public intervention affects social, economic and environmental reality. A way of incorporating scientific evidence in shaping public interventions is the so-called evidence-based policy. This approach is about supporting the policies with reliable, empirical data. Using this approach to include the territorial dimension in shaping and evaluating public policies one can speak of evidence-based territorial development. The areas of public intervention, that are in particular need of scientific evidence and knowledge base are i.e: environment, transport, energy, demography, sustainable development or knowledge-based economy and innovation.

Within the ESPON, INTERREG IVC and URBACT Programs one can find many projects focused on delivery of scientific evidence, delivery of good practices in transnational cooperation or delivery of tools and recommendations of managing regional and local development of different types of EU territories. In order to capitalize the collected knowledge base and find potential synergies between ESPON, INTERREG IVC and URBACT results the Polish ECP decided to organise a conference that would provide a synthetic insight into the activities that involve Polish institutions.

The conference was an opportunity to present the outcomes of these programs that are relevant for the Polish context and appropriate for different scales and different phases of planning process. In particular, the speakers concentrated on tools, recommendations and solutions that can be useful for different groups of stakeholders working in the field of planning (policymakers, practitioners, researchers, experts, social activists etc.). The review of various initiatives in which Polish institutions play an active role encouraged fruitful knowledge exchange as well as facilitated dialogue and networking between researchers and practitioners.
The program of the conference as well as presentations are available at:

Project flyer 2010-11-08
In section Press you will find project flyer in English (PDF), German (PDF), Italian (PDF), Polish (PDF), Slovenian (PDF), Spanish (PDF).

Meeting presentations 2010-11-02
Presentations given during meetings in Berlin and in Rome are available in the section EVENTS.

Project brief in 5 languages 2010-11-02
In section Press you will find project general information in English (PDF), German (PDF), Italian (PDF), Polish (PDF), Slovenian (PDF).

INTERREG in Berlin 2010-09-13
On Sept. 14, 2010, the Department of Geography of the Humboldt-Universität Berlin is presenting the Know-Man project during a conference discussing mid-term results and future perspectives of the INTERREG Programme in Berlin. The states of Berlin and Brandenburg have invited multiple projects in the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg that participate in the A, B or C-Programme to outline their experiences and to elaborate on prospective challenges (focal points) of INTERREG.

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